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These are some of the poems I have writen in my own time. If you would like to borrow them please ask first. I hope I don't find that people are stealing my work and calling it there own.



There are two majestic creatures running around in the woods today.

One is a Stallion and the other is a mare.

They are not like normal horses you see for they have a single horn.

When I saw them they were under a tree but they did not see me
By: Sabrina 2-26-04


Queen of Hearts


This is a different kind of Queen.

She is not mean at all.

In fact she loves all who are in her queendom.

She is a Domme Queen.

She has submissives and slaves that she keeps.

All are happy serving her.

She keeps them all happy in there roles and they serve her well.

None of them a punished unless they are bad or disobey.

So remember the Queen of Heart who has a big heart for all.


By: Sabrina 3-9-04

Hand Draw By: Sabrina

Sub Curiosity


I have never been in a Real Time BDSM lifestyle.

I have read about it and I am curious to what place it may hold for me. 

How do I know the person will be right for me?

How do I know what I am looking for in that kind of life?


Sub Curiosity Answers


When entering in to a Real Time Relationship start slow.

It is good to read about the lifestyle to make sure it is what you want.

To know if the person or persons is right for you take the time to know them before committing to them.

If they live away from your home town set up a short visit first.

To find out what you are looking for may not be an easy answer.

Just tell the person what you have in mind to help you find the right person for you.


By: Sabrina 3-9-04