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These are some of the stories I have writen in my own time. If you would like to borrow them please ask first. I hope I don't find that people are stealing my work and calling it there own.

Sugar Bell's Story:

Hi my name is Sugar Bell. I am a little fairy that once lived in the forest. One day I was out flying around in a flower garden. Their I was playing and hopping from one blue bell to the net when all of a sudden I was caught. I did not know what to do. The gardener had caught me in his butterfly net while trying to catch a swallow tail butterfly. I was hoping that he would not notice me and I would be free again, but he did notice me. He put me in a butterfly cage and took me in to his house. I was frightened and did not know what he was going to do with me. As I sat there crying all curled up in a ball he reached in and took me out. I laid there in his big hands as he looked me over. With a soft voice he said he was going to make his forever. At that moment I tried to fly but he had put some string around my little ankles. He then took the same string and tied my wrist behind my back. I wanted to scream but I was starting to like him and what he was doing to me. I had never been with a male before so I was wondering what it would be like. Not long after I was tied up I found a small pencil being push up my tight cunt. It hurt and I let out a scream and some tears. He told me it would be alright. As he moved my small body up and down on the large pencil in side of me I felt sometime happening to me. I was getting wet and starting to moan. Soon after I felt a tightening in my cunt and liquid shot out of me around the pencil and on to his hand. I screamed but he said that it was ok and I soon got back in to the good time we were having. Well I have been his for six years now and we have sex in some form everyday and I am happy with the man who captured me so long ago.


By: Sabrina 2-26-04       

Sugar Bell

Sparkles Story:


Sparkle is the name. Running and frolicking is my game. My mate is a wonderful unicorn. I like to spend my days running with him or riding on his back when I get tired from running. I live with him and his brothers. They are very nice to me even though I am human. People stare at us when I come into town with them. If they only knew that the unicorns were all fucking me. I have been their little whore since I was a young girl. I went walking in the woods one day and my mate charged up on me and I just laid there on the ground looking up at him. At first I thought he was hurt when I saw his red member poking out at me. I did not know what to do with a hurt unicorn, so I took it in my hands and caressed his giant penis. At that moment he looked at me and I knew he wanted me. I looked at his giant penis almost fully erect now. I took the tip in my mouth and started to suck on it. It was a taste I was not used to at all but I did not let that stop me. Soon he had me lying on a giant log. I was just at the right height for him to enter me. I knew he was big and that it would hurt but I could not say no to him. He mounted me and I helped guide him into the right spot. He took a good lunge at my cunt and thrust his big hard penis in side my cunt. It was not long before we were both bucking our hips together. We fucked for a long time that day, and later I went with him to where his brothers were waiting for him. They said if they could fuck me too that I could stay with them. So I have been with them for eight years now and we are all very happy.


By: Sabrina 2-27-04

Sparkle and Her Mate

Sabina's English Paper:
Today I landed on a strange planet called Fairy Winx. I come from a world where a strong political and religious battle takes place. I have fled to a new world in hopes to find a different social order. The people of this planet are different from those of Earth, because they all understand one another and help each other out. My first day at the planet is different from that of Earth. I have found a place to watch them from above their world. The fairies of this world seem to live on the things that are here in their forest, like mushrooms, roots, berries, and other small objects. I have tried some of their berries and they taste like that of a blueberry; mind you, I did not try it until I watched them eat the berries, of course. I don’t know much about their body types. All of the fairies here are different, some have wings, some have just normal bodies, and some have parts of different types of animals. The ones with wings seem to be the harvesters of the nuts from the trees, the ones that look like humans seem to be the berry collectors, and the ones that are part animals are harvesters of roots and other foods that are hard for the others to dig or swim for, like seaweeds and water vegetation. They all seem to be leaders so their political social order is different from that on Earth. They all suggest ideas and then they all do what is important to the group for survival. I have heard them talking about moving to a different part of the forest because they are running low on vital resources in the village. Some are afraid to leave their homes because all of their stuff is there and they will have to make new homes. Some fairies suggested that they start by taking the ones that can fly and have them scout a new area. A few with wings stay behind to help out the group in nut harvesting. The winged fairy’s take to the air and I sneak from my hiding place to follow them. I follow them for three hours until they stop at a place by a beautiful water fall with trees and bushes. I hear them talking about how this would be the perfect spot for a village. They decide that they should build a few houses for the night here and what my eyes see next is amazing. They all hold hands around a tree and it soon takes shape into a lovely tree home; it now has a door and windows. Soon, I can see light coming on in this tree house and I hear them speaking very softly as the tree continues to come to life. When they are done, they go on to another tree and I sneak over to the tree which they had just finished. As I look inside, I am amazed at what they have done, they built a hollow home out of a tree without killing the tree. They continue this into the night, and I realize I must find a place to hide and get some sleep. I hear one say that they will all sleep in this house that they just finished. I stay put until all are in and the light goes out. After they are all in their new home, I decide to make myself at home in the first tree that they had built. I left the tree house from which I enter before the morning sun rose. Today was another beautiful day here in the land of the fairies. I went to get some food and water and when I had returned to the area where they were everything was different, they had gotten up and went straight in to working on the town again. This time they were building houses in the water for the fairies that need water in which to live. I could not believe my eyes at how fast they could work, by that evening the whole town was build and they wanted to rest one more night here and then move everyone here the next day. I have been here almost a week observing how the fairies of this planet live, and I am amazed at their ability to help one another. Their move is going slowly but there are hopes of reaching their new town tomorrow. Some of the fairies are not as free moving as others so it has taken almost three days now. Four days after they left their old homes they have reached their new homes. There was a gasp at much rejoicing when they say their new homes. With a wave of their hands the whole village came to life and there was music and dance. The fairies with wings circled a huge long piece of wood which looked like a table and chanted again and there was a beautiful feast which appeared from everything that was harvested by the fairies. Finally, I watched as they all settled in to their new homes and wondered what it would be like to live here forever in secret but then I remember it was my job to search other planets a well, not just this one. As I set off in my ship I looked back over their town and smiled because this was the perfect place and I was not sure if I could find something to top this planet called Fairy Winx.
By: Sabrina 12-10-04